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Forest Shadows 

Independent Study

Inspired by the shadows in the forest.

The structural efficiency and ease of constructing an A-frame make it an iconic and attractive choice for a retreat in the forest. How does one create their own identity when the building form is deeply rooted in its iconic structure? To answer this question, I sought out clues in the forest. 

An A-frame, like the name suggests, features steeply angled rooflines that come all the way down to the foundation. This makes the roof a prominent part of the building, yet most roofs look very similar. It became clear that the roof of an A-frame is an opportunity to create a unique identity while maintaining the efficient and iconic structure of an A-frame.

Just like the forest, this custom shingle roof creates shadows that change during the course of the day. The depth creates dark pockets and the fold creates surfaces that pick up light differently resulting in a variety of tones like you would find in the forest. In, the winter, small pockets of snow collect much like you would find in the surrounding trees.


All design work - Makoto Shibuya

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