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Sometimes a doodle is all it takes for a complex idea to click.

Doodles are fluid—just like ideas. They do not require a beginning or an end. I can start doodling without the fear of getting trapped, and I can finish without feeling incomplete. Doodling by hand allows for spontaneity as ideas come and go. Most importantly, a doodle can communicate ideas that transcend language and demographics.

If something resonates and you would like to support my creative work I have set up two options:


  1. Doodles are available as NFTs 

  2. You can Zap Sats at on NOSTR at npub1xqqtnlgtce8xe06l3ne35elmazrpk73v9hkrdkl3qu5vxj0qlxdq95a053


Makoto Shibuya

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