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The Boarder School is a place that brings people together from many walks of life to help expand our collective understanding of the world around us. Expanding our range allows us to see things we never knew to look for.

One way we do this is through our meals. Too often our food is curated for us. While convenient, it does not give us a good understanding of where our food comes from. Understanding where our food comes from helps us expand our understanding across time.

Another way is by observing wildlife and the landscape. Studying migration patterns and witnessing water flow from the tops of mountains down to our rivers teaches us that there is a much bigger ecosystem than meets the eye. Paying attention to the natural habitat around us extends our understanding across space.

For these reasons, the curriculum at the Boarder School is centered around farming, wildlife, and its habitat. It is our belief that genuine curiosity about each other and the world around us is imperative to a healthy social and environmental lifestyle.


All design work - Makoto Shibuya

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