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Scaled Circle - Water-01.png



Art can be eye-opening. It can often change the way we think, challenge our beliefs, and trigger our emotions.


In my post titled A Necessary Perspective, I wrote how my perception of our environment was challenged by a view of the earth from outer space. I succumbed to the "overview effect," whereby the vastness of the sky and depths of the ocean were put in perspective. That experience inspired the artwork you see here—scale representations of our oceans, mountains, and atmosphere. 

As an architect, I pay close attention to line weights. We are intentional about what we draw. A bold line means something different than a thin line, something different than a dashed line. The slightest differences in weight are intentional. Here, the line weights are also very intentional. They represent the average depth of the ocean, the highest peak of our mountains (Mt. Everest), and the altitude of the atmosphere we occupy. Together, they make up our daily environment.


The artwork is shown at 2k and 4k resolution and noted in the caption.


All design work - Makoto Shibuya

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